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PolarProof® – the high performance waterproofer for fleece

Most of us have fleece clothing and accessories, such as hats, scarves and gloves, to help keep us warm during winter. Fleece is lightweight and works well as an insulating mid-layer, or outer layer, to keep you comfortable when active.

However, fleece is not very reliable in the rain - water is quickly absorbed and the fabric gains weight, loses insulation and takes a long time to dry out - leaving you feeling cold and damp.

Nikwax has the answer. PolarProof treats the fabric with a flexible water repellent solution that prevents water absorption. It allows moisture to escape from next to the skin, whilst trapping air between the fibres to provide the warmth you need. Clothing remains breathable and you are better protected from the rain. PolarProof also reduces pilling, so fleece stays newer for longer, thereby increasing the usable lifetime of your gear.

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