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Down Wash Direct® – the high performance cleaner to keep you warm and dry in your down gear.

Down jackets and sleeping bags are great in colder weather because of their lightweight, effective insulation that provides exceptional warmth and comfort. However, historically, down has not been great when it gets wet – the filling clumps together, losing the vital loft and insulating properties you rely on for warmth. These days many down items are hydrophobic - they contain a water repellent down filling (such as Nikwax Hydrophobic Down) to prevent water absorption.

Whether your down items are made from hydrophobic or regular (untreated) down, you must care for them to ensure they don’t get sweaty or wet inside when used in damp conditions. Down Wash Direct is a specialist cleaner that will remove all dirt that could be masking the durable water repellency of both the outer fabric and filling. Unlike household detergents, Down Wash Direct will not impair the water repellency but revitalise it, thereby optimising its performance and preventing the item from wetting out.

Down Wash Direct will maintain the vital insulation and breathability you need to allow moisture vapour to pass through the item and prevent you from feeling damp inside. The life of your down gear is prolonged and you can stay dry, warm and comfortable during cold, damp weather!

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