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Commercial Cleaning & Waterproofing

Waterproof clothing, equipment and horse rugs require the correct care to maintain their performance. Cleaning and waterproofing with Nikwax® ensures these items remain breathable and repel water.

Please find below instructions and dosage information for using Nikwax in a commercial washing machine.


  1. Remove all detergent build-up from the detergent dispenser.
  2. Load garments/rugs into machine. Items must be free to move in machine. If overloaded, movement will be restricted and coverage may be uneven.
  3. Wash according to care label using the appropriate Nikwax cleaning product.
  4. Follow with a separate wash cycle using the appropriate Nikwax waterproofing product.
  5. Air-dry or tumble dry if care label allows.


Clothing/Equipment use Tech Wash®
Horse rugs use Rug Wash

Hardness of water Volume of Tech/Rug Wash per litre of water in wash cycle
Soft Water 4ml
Moderately Hard Water 7ml
Hard Water 10ml

If the water consumption of the washing machine is unknown, then use the following guidelines based on the capacity of the machine in Kg

  Up to 12Kg Up to 25Kg Up to 35Kg Up to 45Kg
Soft Water 130ml 270ml 370ml 500ml
Moderately Hard Water 230ml 470ml 650ml 850ml
Hard Water 320ml 6600ml 1000ml 1200ml
Nikwax Tech Wash and Rug Wash

If the machine capacity is between those shown, then multiply the volume accordingly. Volumes of Nikwax® cleaning products (Tech Wash® & Rug Wash) have to be increased if you have hard water.


TX.Direct® Wash-In
125-150ml per Kg of fabric being waterproofed

Rug Proof
1-2 rugs in a machine with a capacity of up to 25Kg use 500ml of Rug Proof.

For a greater number of rugs or a larger capacity machine use the following guidelines: 50ml per Kg of fabric being waterproofed.

Please note: These are only guidelines and the actual dosages of the products may vary due to use in different washing machine models.

Nikwax TX.Direct wash in and Rug Proof

To download a PDF copy of these instructions click here To download a PDF copy of these instructions click here