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BaseWash® — the high performance cleaner and deodorising conditioner for sportswear.

Synthetic technical sportswear is designed to wick moisture away from our skin when we sweat, so we remain comfortable when active. However, odour-causing bacteria can build-up over time in synthetic garments, especially if they are cleaned with regular detergent and fabric conditioner which can cause moisture retention.

Nikwax has the solution to revive the performance of your sportswear and keep it smelling fresh...

BaseWash is a water-based cleaner and conditioner that is easy to use in your washing machine or by hand. It enhances the wicking properties of synthetic sportswear, which helps garments dry faster, preventing you from feeling damp or cold when you stop being active, and improving cooling efficiency.

BaseWash also conditions your garments whilst cleaning them, actively deodorising the fabric and removing any ingrained body odour. Freshness is maintained during activity as odour build-up is kept at bay.

Feel confident and comfortable in your revived base layers and sportswear.

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